Boost Your Photography Career with a Professional Photo Editor

Date Added: March 30, 2019 11:32:56 PM
Author: Jamie Atkins
Category: Computers: Graphics
Every photographer needs professional photo software to streamline their workflows and empower them to carry out their best work in less time and with increased efficiency. ACDSee Pro is a professional photo editor with support for facial recognition and RAW camera photos that is both affordable and easy to use. Lightweight, powerful, and sporting excellent ease of use, it gives you complete control over every image in your collection while helping you reduce tedious and repetitive tasks through automation. On one hand, it's a complete digital asset manager, while on the other, it provides full control over every pixel in every image. With support for numerous RAW photo formats, you can also view and edit your photos as they were taken by the camera, without any compression or lossy artifacts. Now with facial recognition and detection, this industry-leading solution supports a wider range of features and functions than ever before. What's New in ACDSee Pro 2018 Update 2? A new version of ACDSee Pro has just been launched, and it's better than ever thanks to a range of new features and improvements. This edition adds support for various new camera models, including ones by manufacturers like Sony, Leica, Fujifilm, Canon, and Olympus. Another exciting new feature is face detection and facial recognition technology, which brings a whole new level to the way you organize your photos. ACDSee Pro will now find and recognize people in your photographs and sort them automatically. Once you add names to a particular face, it will find every other photo on your computer with that person in it. Not only does this help you save hours of tedious manual sorting; it also helps you keep your photo collection clearly distinguished by client, family member, or other person of interest. Another exciting new feature is the ability to develop new brush modes to give you far more control over the process. As should be the case in any professional photo editor, you can now enjoy a combination of automation, control, and limitless customization possibilities. You can create custom brushes by combining things like vibrance, hue, brightness, contrast, color temperature, color overlays, and saturation just to name a few. You can also retain control of every pixel by using various progressions over linear or radial gradients. Other new features include an improved black and white mode, color LUTs, colors in contrast, support for HEIF files, auto advance metadata, a developer settings pane, and new presents for important and exported data. If you're looking for a comprehensive RAW photo editor that also provides effortless digital asset management, ACDSee Pro is the all-in-one solution you need. It's ideal for growing photo collections of any size and, while it offers outstanding professionalism in terms of features and quality, it remains easy to use. The photo management mode uses a familiar folder and file infrastructure, while giving you the additional power of color-coded labels, tags, and facial recognition. At the same time, the editing mode is only a click away, providing you with complete control over your images whenever you need it. Get started today at .