Document management, tracking and barcode scanning with Tag DOC

Date Added: May 23, 2019 11:15:34 AM
Author: FabSoft Team
Category: Business & Employment: Business Software
All businesses are under constant pressure to leverage modern technology to improve operational performance and reduce wastage. Documents have long played a central role in any organization, but we've moved far beyond the days of filing cabinets full of files. Today, document management systems help standardize the procedures around document tracking and other everyday business tasks. One of the biggest challenges facing today's businesses is becoming more efficient, and a big part of that can be attributed directly to digital transformation. Offices are relying less on paper, which is both difficult to search and presents a significant burden on human resources, business costs and environmental sustainability alike. That's why so many companies are now transferring their paper-based records into digital files by using document barcode scanning solutions like Tag DOC. Tag DOC was developed to help companies digitally transform. By assigning barcodes to printed documents, it automates the scanning process to ensure that the digital copies are immediately stored in the right place. It lets users tag their documents with proprietary barcodes, so they no longer have to manage documents manually. Another important benefit of this system is that barcodes instantly make the digital copy searchable through the use of meta data. Also, when certain documents are scanned into the archiving system, there might be a need to trigger a certain event. For example, in a warehouse environment, when a completed pick ticket is scanned in, you might want the system to automatically generate an invoice for that order. Since the associated information is already contained in the scanned file, and translated into digital format using optical character recognition, it doesn't require any further input from the user. Although OCR technology is a central component of many document management systems, it does have its limitations. It's not guaranteed to read every character, and it relies heavily on the appearance of the document. Fonts, print quality and other factors all influence the ability of the software to recognize the text and scan and translate it correctly. To overcome this limitation, Tag Doc uses a barcode that's been specifically designed to address these limitations and greatly increase the chances of the documents in question being reliably distributed through the automated workflow. In the example workflow, you can see how the document barcode scanner ensures that documents enter the workflow at the right place and time with minimal risk of problems occurring. Documents may be automatically tagged with the barcodes and scanned for automated printing. This also makes it easier to scan and distribute documents and archive and retrieve documents quickly. The Tag DOC system is available as either a downloadable software product that you can install on a single machine or the Reform Link. The Reform Link is a small computer dedicated purely to document management, which can connect to as many as 10 or 20 desktop clients depending on the edition you choose. The Reform Link also includes many other FabSoft technologies to improve warehouse management and more. Get started today by getting your free 60-day trial at .