Regain control over your time spent on the web with VPN

Date Added: July 19, 2019 08:23:23 PM
Author: Jamie R Clarke
Category: Web Services: Internet Software
A lot of people still don't realize that their every move is being tracked while they're surfing the internet. This is perhaps due to the dated concept that interactions over the internet are generally anonymous. The reality is quite different. Although websites generally can't collect the sensitive personal information without using fraudulent tactics, most websites and online services collect whatever information they can to use for customized advertising and other things. For example, whenever you visit a website or use an online service, the owner can see your IP address. This is a unique identifier that every device connected to the internet has, and it contains information about your internet service provider which, in turn, gives away your approximate geographical location. That's why you often see localized advertisements and other content stating your city or state. Take back control by hiding your real IP address A virtual private network lets you connect to the public internet through a third-party intermediary. VPN for Windows provides a handpicked list of VPNs across multiple countries and territories, thereby allowing you to browse the internet as though you're browsing from the location of the VPN server rather than your real one. This allows you to take back control over which websites and online services you use, instead of being subjected to oppressive local content filters, licensing regimes and other restrictions. For example, if you are travelling abroad, yet you want to be able to still watch your favorite Netflix shows, you may see a message stating that the content isn't available in your country. In this case, you can connect to the internet via a VPN located back in your home country without having to be subjected to local restrictions and website versions. Regain control over your online privacy Whenever you visit a website, it records information about your visit. This data may be sold on to advertisers or used by the website owners to deliver personalized ads. Sometimes, these ads pop up at the most inconvenient time even to the point of spoiling things like birthday surprises by showing which presents you purchased in the form of on-site ads. When you connect through a VPN, you can choose a different server every time to hide your browsing habits from advertisers. Combined with an ad blocker, using a VPN can provide you with a completely anonymous experience over which you have complete control. To further enhance your online experience, using a VPN lets you connect to public networks, such as wireless hotspots, without having to worry about data being intercepted by an eavesdropper between a local router and your device. VPN for Windows provides many special features to help you protect your online experiences. It protects your security with DNS leak protection and split tunneling while automatically connecting at startup to the VPN provider of your choice. There is no sign up or registration requires, and the developers of the program don't collect any personally identifiable information about you. It also requires no special knowledge and is easy to use even for complete beginners. Download your VPN client today at .