Monitor uptime for local-area networks with Network Olympus

Date Added: September 27, 2019 07:46:19 AM
Author: Jonathan O'Neil
Category: Computers: Software
As businesses come to rely more on their IT, the costs of unexpected downtime are continuing to rise at an alarming rate. The issues only get harder to manage at scale, as companies reach the point at where they have large networks with hundreds or even thousands of endpoints to manage. As IT infrastructures become more complex and harder to manage, administrators need to start looking towards cloud-scale solutions instead. To alleviate the issues of managing large corporate networks, Network Olympus offers a brand-new solution build on an innovative architecture based on sensors, actions and notifications arranged into what it describes as 'Scenarios'. It uses sensors to learn more about your network services, devices, and operating conditions. If it identifies any problems or unusual behavior, it can be resolved with a scriptable 'Action'. Simplified management Network Olympus Monitoring brings your entire corporate computing infrastructure and all its associated assets together under a single hood for easy management. It provides a web-based management console with user-friendly visual cues that gives network administrators full visibility into their network at all times. And, because it's web-based, they can access the dashboard no matter where they are, which makes it ideal for today's remote workers. With your network being the backbone of many critical business processes, it's also important to be able to plan strategically. This means identifying potential issues before they occur and planning your network and its future expansion carefully. Network Olympus is also a network mapping solution with support for a wide range of protocols, services, and appliances. By automatically discovering every device connected to the network, it builds a comprehensive map in minutes. Administrators can then get a full overview of their current layout and identify areas in need of improvement, as well as locate possible performance bottlenecks. Network monitoring Reaching your target network uptime requires that any potential issues are resolved as soon as possible, hence the need for a proactive approach to maintenance and repairs. Network Olympus is, first and foremost, a network monitoring solution, providing a comprehensive, all in one way to flexibly monitor your corporate network and server infrastructure. You can have it running around the clock, sending automatic alerts whenever it detects any performance issues. This way, you can react quickly to any problems. Network Olympus Monitoring is an agentless system that doesn't require any additional software to be installed on endpoint devices. Instead, it monitors the entire network infrastructure using the industry standard WMI protocol. This makes it possible to monitor the uptime and performance of servers and networked appliances. Metrics tracked include bandwidth, throughput, network utilization, device availability, and traffic flow. Everything is analysed and reported in real time. With Network Olympus, network conditions are closely monitored against a predefined benchmark. When conditions change from these parameters, it will send an alert by email, instant message, or via a local sound alert. To keep uptime to a maximum while reducing the need for human intervention, it can also perform and automated action like rebooting the device remotely or running a script or application. Get started with Network Olympus Monitoring today at .