Sign documents online with TrackLean

Date Added: December 11, 2019 02:46:51 PM
Author: Jerry Makowski
Category: Business & Employment: Business Software
Business leaders are constantly looking for new ways to cut costs without having to compromise on workforce productivity or morale. One of the ways they are achieving this is by relying on cloud technologies and applications that reduce their dependence on tedious manual processes. Still, documents are the lifeblood of any modern organization, and a surprising number of them still take the form of paper printouts. Not only is this approach bad for the environment - it's also bad for your budget. Printers and scanners might still be essential in almost any office, but it's important for the sake of your wallet and the environment to reduce your dependence on them as much as possible. Not only that, when a big part of your workflow exists to manually print, sign and scan certain documents, it won't be long before it starts having a significant impact on productivity. Say goodbye to your printer and scanner with TrackLean Who really enjoys printing and scanning documents all the time? Not only is it tedious and costly - it also takes much longer when you need to deal with physical documents. That's why TrackLean was developed as a way to do away with paper contracts and other documents through a simple cloud-based app that takes care of everything for you. As part of digital transformation efforts, many companies are turning to solutions like TrackLean to create digital contracts and other documents our of text, PDF or even emails with just a few clicks. These documents may then be sent out to the relevant parties and signed digitally, instead of having to print, sign and scan them before emailing them back. Thanks to the fast execution of TrackLean, it also allows users to sign contracts on their smartphones, even if they don't have the app installed themselves. Stay compliant with built-in archiving and document retention Industry compliance standards and business policies alike demand that you keep contracts and certain other types of agreements for a minimum period of time. In case of any legal disagreements, it's essential that parties are able to present the original signed contract for review. With TrackLean, your contracts are stored in the cloud for ten years so that they're always available when you need them. If you have a huge amount of documents, which you probably will after that sort of time, you will also need a convenient way to search through the archives. TrackLean has thought about that too by integrating a powerful archive search function that lets you retrieve any document you need with just a few clicks. To make your operations easy, you can even get signatures from arbitrary text documents and PDF files and use templates to save time. In the end, it's a simple three-step process including creating an agreement, asking for approval and agreeing and signing the document. The process is highly automated, greatly reducing the need to manually recreate contracts from scratch every time. This also negates the risk of costly human error. You can try out TrackLean for free today by visiting If you like the software, you can enjoy unlimited signing, email support and archiving with the individual and company licensing packages.