Restore data from formatted devices with UNFORMAT

Date Added: December 26, 2019 06:36:10 AM
Author: James Keene
Category: Computers: Utilities
Ask any computer support provider, and chances are the most common problem they have to deal with is data loss. Almost every computer user knows that dreaded feeling of losing data due to accidental deletion or something as sinister as a malicious software attack. But some causes of data loss are even quite innocuous. For example, having a power cut while you're in the process of creating, copying, or saving a file, can lead to data corruption or loss. With so many things that can go wrong, it's hardly any wonder that we're constantly being reminded of the importance of keeping important data safely backed up. Unfortunately, there's no such thing as a system that's one-hundred percent secure, which is why you need multiple layers to ensure you don't end up losing what's important. It might come as a surprise, but it is often possible to recover data and even entire partitions which have been deleted or formatted. While you get a warning when you empty the recycle bin or format a drive claiming that your data will be permanently deleted if you proceed, that's not really the case. When files or logical hard drive partitions are deleted, the only thing that really changes is the entry in the file table, which provides metadata about the file. This includes its name and directory location. If you delete the file 'permanently', the only thing that gets deleted is this information, at least in the first stages. The file system will then mark the previously occupied space as available to the operating system, which means it can be overwritten by a future file operation. Until that happens, and it can sometimes be months or even years before it does, you have a window of opportunity to get back what you've lost. While modern operating systems don't provide the means to do that natively, using a third-party solution like Active@ UNFORMAT does give you the option to search for and recover lost files and partitions. This powerful utility lets you recover data in almost all data loss scenarios, although chances of success are much higher if you act quickly, before there's a substantial risk of the deleted data being permanently overwritten. Active@ UNFORMAT also lets you recover entire partitions, which is extremely useful in cases where you might accidentally delete or rearrange the partitioning structure of your hard drive. Active@ UNFORMAT is easy to use, yet very advanced and sophisticated under the hood. The latest edition provides predefined file signatures for many different file formats, with new ones including Canon Raw Image (CR3) and Finale Notation (MUSX). Recovery from NTFS-formatted volumes in the Windows Storage Spaces environment has also been improved, as has recovery from disks formatted with 4 KB sector sizes. There's also a new recovery kernel to boost performance and reliability. Professional users will also enjoy using the latest versions of Active@ Boot Disk, which has been upgraded to the latest WinPE build based on Windows 10 1903. The new Active@ Boot Disk now supports PCI-Express and M.2 NVMe solid-state drives. Try out the demo today at .