Protect your digital life with PureVPN for Windows

Date Added: February 14, 2020 09:20:15 PM
Author: James F Bartlett
Category: Web Services: Internet Software
Every device connected to the internet has a unique identifier known as an IP address. While this address doesn't contain any personally identifiable information, it does give away your approximate geographical location and your internet service provider (ISP) to any remote server you connect to, such as a website, web-connected app, or any other web service. That's why the internet always looks a bit different if you travel to another region or country. For example, open up Google if you're in Spain, and the search engine will default to the localized Spanish version. Many websites do the same thing. While that might not present a concern, the problems become a lot clearer when you start finding out just how much the websites you view seem to know about you. Then, if you ever try to stream your favorite TV shows when you are on vacation abroad, chances are they won't work, instead giving you a message like 'this content is not available in your country.' If either of those scenarios sound familiar, then you need to make the web think you're connecting from whichever country you want to connect form. For example, if you're on a foreign vacation, you might want to continue using the internet as you would back home. To do that, you need a way to mask your real IP address. That's, in a nutshell, how a VPN (virtual private network) functions. It reroutes your connection through a remote server in the country or region of your choice to make the websites you connect to think you're browsing from that location. Not only does this let you access the internet freely and without restrictions and censorship; it also keeps your anonymity protected by not divulging your physical location or ISP to any third parties without their permission. With PureVPN for Windows, you can choose from more than 2,000 servers covering a vast network of over 180 cities in many different countries and regions. But using a dependable VPN service isn't just about protecting your right to privacy and avoiding censorship; it's also about protecting your data when you're on the move. When you connect to the web via PureVPN, all the data transmitted is encrypted with the strongest algorithm - AES 256-bit. With RSA-2048 and RSA-4096 handshakes and SHA1 and SHA256 authentication algorithms, you get multiple layers of protection. This is important when you're using public wireless networks, as is increasingly commonplace with today's remote workforce. These unsecured networks are often compromised by wireless eavesdroppers who, using specialized software, can intercept communications between an internet-connected device and the local router. But if that data is all encrypted during transit, it won't be of any use to them. PureVPN provides automatic public WiFi security to eliminate the threats and let you enjoy the flexibility of working anywhere without the added risk. PureVPN also features unlimited bandwidth and extremely fast streaming and browsing. Ensuring your security and privacy shouldn't have to mean getting poor performance from your internet connection. It also offers one-click connectivity and foolproof leak protection. Try it out today by visiting