Keep your digital life private with a powerful VPN server

Date Added: February 22, 2020 08:34:03 PM
Author: James F Bartlett
Category: Web Services: Internet Software
By now, most of us take the internet for granted, that is, until a security or privacy incident happens. Or, perhaps it's something less serious like travelling abroad and finding that you can no longer access your favorite streaming services or other websites. Some companies and governments want to have complete control over your online experiences. Digital streaming services like Netflix often restrict access to their content per country, which means you often can't watch your favorite TV shows and films if you go abroad. Business users may also have problems when they try to connect to essential online services they need for everyday work only to find that they can't because the service has detected a foreign IP address. On top of that is the disturbing fact that all these websites and online services seem to know a lot about you. PureVPN for Mac lets Mac users take back control over their private lives and browsing experiences by automatically rerouting all internet traffic via a virtual private network. This masks your real IP address, replacing it instead with the IP address provided by the VPN provider. The location and ISP will be replaced by those of the VPN. For example, you can browse the internet as you're in Germany by connecting via a VPN server located in that country, even if you're really in the US. This protects your privacy and lets you circumvent localized content restrictions. With servers in all the right places, including thousands of servers in almost 200 cities around the world, you will be free to use the internet how it was always meant to be used - without restrictions in a truly global and connected network. But PureVPN for Mac is more than just a proxy server allowing you to avoid draconian censorship or digital licensing rules. It also provides unmatched stability and performance by automatically selecting the fastest server in the region you want to connect to. Every handpicked server in the list of over 2,000 provides full encryption too. This is very important for those working on the move and regularly connecting to the internet via unsecured public wireless hotspots. Without additional security, these networks are vulnerable and exposed to wireless eavesdroppers who can, with the right software, intercept traffic being sent between the computer and the local router. PureVPN stops that from happening by automatically encrypting all incoming and outgoing traffic. If a VPN connection drops, it will also kick in to stop apps and websites from connecting until the connection is back. Most VPN services, particularly the free ones, come with a huge performance drop and very limited bandwidth. Others collect personal information from you, which rather defeats the purpose of using a VPN in the first place. But PureVPN for Mac provides unmatched encryption, safety, and privacy to give you complete control over how you use the internet, regardless of where you're physically located or your who your ISP is. The latest version provides several performance optimizations and bug fixes. Version 7.2.1 was launched in December 2019, and is available for download at .