Make the Most Out of Your Data with Crystal Reports Scheduler

Date Added: January 30, 2018 10:29:12 PM
Author: Harrison Clarke
Category: Computers: Software
Digital data has become one of the most important commodities in modern business. There is also the fact that data sets are growing all the time to the extent there are many more challenges than there used to be when it comes to working with data and getting the most out of it. Just like any organization, the success of your business is heavily dependent on its ability to make sense of all this data in a meaningful and results-driven way. That means you need to automate processes, since manually working with vast databases containing everything from customer support requests to sales invoices is woefully impractical. That's why the folks over at Christian Steven developed CRD Crystal Reports Scheduler, a complete solution for scheduling and automating reports. Schedule Reports to Align with Your Company Goals and Priorities Chances are your existing ERP system does not provide exactly the reports you need and, if it doesn't, you will be missing out on valuable insights into the performance of your business. With CRD Crystal Reports Scheduler at your disposal, you'll be able to set up reports with ease, and these will automatically draw data from the sources you specify. Easy to set up and use, you can start by specifying how often you would like each report to be carried out. You can then choose the output format - Word, Excel, PDF, RPT, HTML and plain text are all supported. The program will take care of automated delivery for you as well by sending the reports to whenever you want them, such as your email inbox, printer, fax machine, online storage facility or a folder on a local machine. Designed the flexibility and simplicity in mind, you can schedule reports to run hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. If neither of those options suit you, then you can set up your own frequencies without any limitations. If you prefer to receive a report on the second Monday of every month, as an example, then no problem! You can also schedule the same reports to run a few times per day as per varying parameters, formats and destinations. It makes reporting simpler than ever. Another option is to have your reports be generated automatically whenever a specific event occurs. If dates are not a concern, you can, for example, have reports automatically generated when a specific file is modified, or a new database value is present. How CRD Crystal Reports Scheduler Helps You Run Your Business Aside from being quick to set up and easy to use, the software eliminates many of the repetitive tasks associated with data analytics and reporting while also greatly reducing the need for manual data entry and the higher risk of human error that comes with it. Instead, your reports will be up-to-date, accurate and compliant with industry standards. By ensuring that your reports are generated, presented and distributed in accordance with your company's goals, you'll be able to make better use out of your data than ever before. To download the latest release, complete with several recently resolved issues and enhancements, visit today.